DIY décor : How to hang pictures with style ?

Hang pictures on the wall to enhance its deco c’is awesome!!! For hanging pictures on a wire, or without holes, to dispose of the paintings on a shelf or make a wall photo decor, discover how to hang easily on all your photos to finish off the decor of your living room, bedroom and more.

Never let your old photos to sleep in drawers, hang them on the walls and enhance the decor in any room. And yes, have photos with style c’is ! Hang family photos to customize its decoration of room, make a wall of photo of decoration in an office to give him character, to do a makeover of a wall of the living room a little dull in snapping a multitude of part of photos… anything is possible !
also Think about picture frames to dress up small spaces and are often forgotten in the deco : hanging pictures on a wire in the hallway without having to break through the walls of the’input, have the tables in a staircase gives l’allure, hanging frames pictures c’is a quick and inexpensive way to enhance any space.

on the technical Side, you can choose according to your desires, and your possibilities : hang quick pictures without making holes with masking tape or have it on a shelf to create a table of trend or make a photo wall with frames by fixing them on the wall , there are a thousand ways d’hang pictures in an original way.

Plans d’snap to make a photo wall deco

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Here are some ideas of plans types to hang your picture frames in an original way and balanced : create a heart shape, to make a rectangle or let free rein to his inspiration for these compositions to hang pictures on the walls form a composition worthy of the galleries d’art templates to make photo frames or to hang pictures on walls without a frame.

Snap polaroid photos with style and without holes

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Leverage d’a metal structure to hang your polaroids with pliers without holes ! A quick and easy solution to do to create a scenery photo custom l’envy. If you do not have a metal frame, you can create it simply with several rods of painted wooden that you paste them. C’is a good idea also to make a headboard, original in a room.

to Have tables for the deco stairs

In these stairs we took advantage of the ceiling height for hanging paintings on a wall. Hung with photo frames in wood, classic black, the photos stand out against the painted wall in white and give relief to the stairs.

Hang photo frames to give colors to the hallway

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The decoration of the corridor takes the form of a gallery d’art with this beautiful layout of photos. The picture frames are hung in a symmetrical manner to form a large square against the wall. A available photo frames to put them in isolated on a wall to amplify l’aspect graph.

to Have pictures in a staircase without holes

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With masking tape to hang her pictures without making holes becomes a game of d’child ! Here are the vacation memories that are placed helter-skelter with adhesive tape, make the design of l’staircase up to the next holiday one picks up the old photos and start again.

Make a wall of photos to dress up the’entry

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With photo frames accroch%c3?es quietly against the wall, the entrance becomes a decoration. Here, the image frames are aligned on two levels and respond visually to the wood console.

Have photo frames on the shelves in the living room

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Have photo frames on the shelves, a great idea to make a photo wall in the living room without having to make additional holes. Here and large and small black frames are lined up in a mixture of organized and embellished d’decorative objects chosen in the colors of the room.

photo frames black decor chart of l’stairs

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photo frames black hanging on a white wall, it is always graphic ! Here this wall of picture-deco black and white pace the decor and adds character to the’staircase black. Tip from the pro : Align the frames on a specific point to create a visual balance. in this staircase, each column of frames is l’plumb d’a walk from l’stairs.

A wall of photos to capture the corner office

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Good idea to awaken the decor of the office area, to dispose of the pictures without frames with masking tape without holes, or with pins as it is done in an office trend. Here the photos are placed in the “going fast” are valued by the painting of slate. Vary the layout depending on the mood and call a different deco l’envie.

hanging pictures on a wire to sublimate a wall

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A hanging photo digne d’a museum for the wall, forgotten by the living room. Paste your photos on a white paper mat and hang them without a frame to l’aid of two clamps, clip on a metal wire. For an even more aesthetic make photo frames in white paper in the same dimensions so as to obtain a perfect symmetry when you hang your photos.


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