DIY deco : Skate a piece of furniture of kitchen in 4 steps

to Skate a piece of furniture to create a decorative pattern in the kitchen, an easy bet to win. With a kitchen cabinet mottled, rustic or new furniture without character , discover the technique and the right gestures to skate your kitchen furniture like a pro of the decoration by following this DIY in 4 steps.

You have chosen makeover furniture kitchen that you can no longer see in the painting ? Ca tombe bien, Deco-Cool gives you the steps to follow to achieve a beautiful patina and renovate your hutch or dresser, whatever its style. Follow this DIY decor, step by step illustrated carried out with the range Patina Kitchen Libéron , and renovating your furniture in a flash !

To skate a piece of furniture of kitchen you will need :

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  • A brush wash
  • steel wool n°000
  • sandpaper grain 240
  • A sub-layer adapted to the furniture
  • The Patina Kitchen Base
  • The Patina Kitchen Effect
  • a little patience

1 : the preparation of The furniture to skate

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Remove the doors of your piece of furniture to work on the horizontal. Then prepare your furniture to skate cleaner l’aide d’a mild soap to eliminate all traces of dirt. Apply a sub-layer adapted and the Base-Effect Patina Kitchen l’aide d’a brush wash. As soon as the base starts to dry, go back over with the brush to create the effect of a frame. Allow 2 hours drying.

2 : Apply l’effect Patina Kitchen furniture

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Start preparing for your patina by applying theEffect Patina Kitchen diluted to 5 % (5 cl of water for 1L of paint) by passing the brush in the direction opposite to the one carried out during l’application of the basic Effect of patina on the entire piece of furniture. Count another 2 hours of drying.

3 : Create the’effect patina on the piece of furniture in ” using paint “

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C’is at this stage that the’expression “to skate a piece of furniture” takes on its full meaning. the goal is to bring out the hue of the base through the tint Effect Patina. To do this lightly sand l’entire kitchen cabinet gently with a sandpaper medium grain 240 making it go in the direction of the wood without forgetting the edges of the cabinet. Once the tint of the underside, switch to another part of the cabinet.

4 : Polishing the furniture to give it a satin appearance

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You are soon to be over, c’is the last step ! It just remains to Polish your kitchen cabinets by using a wool d’steel N°000 in a circular motion over the entire surface so as to remove the scratches left by the sandpaper and get
a beautiful satin finish.

The furniture patinated and renovated in all its splendour !

© Liberon
Here is your piece of furniture patina is beautiful and brand new and you have proven that to do a makeover of her kitchen in a few hours c’is playable !
Final tip : Work several look of the piece of furniture according to the colors chosen, deco-soft with tone-on-tone or contemporary furniture in contrasting tones.
The Patina Kitchen the Effect of Libéron is washable and treated with anti-task,
it is available in three colours, Red, matisse, Ivory, and Flannel satin finish, from 36,90? the jar of 1L.
The Patina Kitchen Base is sold from 28,10?.
full range Libéron is available in supermarkets and from specialist dealers.

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