A decorative and original green, 100% recycling, 5 ideas of recycling

The best way to create an original interior in a spirit of “recycling” ? Find, recover and recycle. Has both ecological and economic, the recycling has become a way of life. With a little d’imagination, n’any object can be transformed and begin a second life. To surf on this trend, here are 5 ideas of recycling of panes and wood windows.

A touches d’spirit of recycling in the bedroom

Idea N°1. A folding screen of old shutters

Ideal to create a slight separation in a room or in a bathroom : the screen. For a warm atmosphere and a little retro, nothing better than wooden shutters, weathered by time. Creator d’privacy-tinted romanticism, this piece of furniture will quickly become indispensable.


The easiest way is to find 3 or 4 strands of the same size. All d’first, clean the components with l’water and soap and let it dry. Sand then with a fine grain, to smooth out the paints and give them a patina. Lay two shutters l’on l’other. Attention, it is necessary, that’they are perfectly aligned. Locate on the sides of the flaps, l’location of the hinges (40 cm from the top and the bottom) and then attach the hinges high and low on the first component. Then adjust the second component against the first and attach the hinges. Close the two shutters l’against the’other, and back. Do the same manipulation to secure the third pane on the first two.

Idea N°2. A headboard with old shutters

Certainly the head of the bed is the most simple to fabricate. Asset deco par excellence, the head of the bed, which inspires and sets the tone : personality and creativity. To make a difference, engage in the manufacture d’a head of bed with wooden shutters.


Select the number of components required, depending on the width of your bed. Essential step : clean the components with l’water and soap and allow to dry. Sand with a coarse grain for removing the layers of paint and varnish. It is best to repaint the head of the bed rather than keeping the old layers of paint. Switch back to the belt sander a second time with a fine grain to smooth the wood. Choose the face of the flaps that will be visible, and then lay flat (face up against the ground), aligning them perfectly. Make a mark on each side, 30 cm around the bottom and top flaps. Attach each pane between them with tabs d’assembly of flat metal. Paint the shutters, let dry, and attach the headboard to the wall.

headboard made from old shutters

In the living room or kitchen, the interior design is useful

Idea # 3. A magazine rack with an old shutter

Useful and decorative, this design is perfect when you n’have mottled that’a single pane in wood. Ask in the lounge or in the kitchen, it brings a touch of’spirit of recycling, simple and effective.


Clean the pane with the’water and soap and let it dry. Sand the wood of the pane with a large grain and a fine grain to smooth the wood. If the’space between the doors is too narrow, you can remove some of the sawing. Paint the pane as you want. For storing magazines, arrange a horse on the doors.

Idea # 4. A blackboard with an old window to retrieve.

The table black will fit its place in the kitchen or in a room. Practical, playful and aesthetically pleasing, it will allow you to note, draw or leave messages. C’is an original alternative to the classic whiteboard. In the kitchen, with pegs or hooks, it will allow you d’hang tea towels and kitchen utensils.


Remove the’old sealant with a knife to démastiquer and then remove the old nails of the rabbet of the window with a pair of pliers. Remove the panes one after the other. Paint the window as you want. Instead, choose a light or bright coloured that will settle with the black table. A distressed look can be achieved with a patina to l’former. Apply the paint and let dry for a few hours. Make the black bottom of the table by taking measurements of the window and by cutting a piece of plywood end to these dimensions. Apply paint slate on the plywood and let dry for the time indicated. Attach the plate slate to the’rear of the window by nails with putty. Hang the chalkboard on the wall.

In the’entry, l’originality sets the tone

Idea # 5. A coat rack with an old window

More original, in an old wooden window turned into coat rack. Quirky, draws, l’eye as soon as’it passes the door of the house. For a successful transformation, choose a window-pane.


Loosen the window by applying the product stripper on the wood surface. Then move the spatula on the paint layer softened to detach it, and scrape up’to complete removal of old paint layers. Let dry and if need be, sand it by hand with a fine grain. Apply l’adhesive masking on the windows. You can give an “aged look” to the window by applying a patina to the’former. Paint the wood of the window frame and let dry for a few hours. Then, take the measurements of the window in its height and calculate the spacings between the pegs. See the measurements on the wood and look l’location of the fixing holes of the pegs. Drill, taking care to snap the window to avoid vibration and screw the coat hooks. Attach hooks to the’rear of the window depending on the weight of the window and coat hooks, and hang your coat rack to the wall.

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