Color : its decoration in Pink and pastel Blue !

Pink and Blue, two pastel colors that make the decoration for the walls and furniture in 2016.

Pastel s’calls in the decor of the house as a bath of youth invigorating. Sky-blue and powdery pink are back in the paint on the walls and furniture, colored in the office or in the living room, decorative objects offset to animate the’entry or the coloured room… the variations of these colors are endless !

you can match these colors deco with lighter shades for a soft ambiance cocooning in the living room or bedroom, or in contrast with the darker hues of dark green and black. Unless your want arises on associations of bright colours to give a quirky spirit ultra contemporary to the deco l’ or the corner office.
no matter ! Whether your decor is soft or of character, find out in this slideshow of ideas for combining style with the pink and the pastel blue.

A deco of living room cozy with soft colors

Rose Quartz and Blue Serenity available in two deco living room. Has left, the atmosphere fresh and contemporary. the walls painted in a pink colour accompanies the coffee table, scandinavian style and the white ground. Vase in white sandstone and light fixture golden shades contact enhance the tones of the room. Deco vintage right with a fabric sofa and blue cushions with geometrical patterns to brighten up this living room is neutral with white walls broken. Touch deco : a low table with shelf and marble feet, with wooden pictures frame melange with a board nature morte.

spring Colors for the decor of the room

Deco room pepsy to the left with a blue wall and the drawer of the bedside table painted in pink. Good idea : to associate these tones with fresh bed linen, a pillow, a blue sky and a duvet pink very soft ! Color room pastel to the right carried out with the aid of a wall and a pearl-grey floor. The padded headboard color purple and the cushions turquoise arise in light contrast and give relief to the room.

The pink color makes the office a corner deco paradise

The corner office becomes a walk in the garden with this table and its storage in complementary metal pink color. The wallpaper with flower patterns in green and pink complete this decor and adds a bit of fantasy and d’humor at the time of his accounts or his papers !
Office Falkhöjden 69? and storage of office Falkhöjden 39? Ikea

Sofa pink candy deco tart

This fabric sofa, candy pink creates a deco-all sweet and fresh in this white living room.
Convertible three-place, Holmsund, 489?, Ikea

A canvas printed with the colors of the year

This canvas of colors, pink and blue is perfect to enhance the level of decoration of the wall, and animate the sofa wooden unstructured !
Canvas printed “Triptych” 24,90?, 4 Walls

pink flamingos will invite in the decor

These flamingos pink liven up everything they touch : a living room sofa, a small armchair entrance, a chair in the kitchen. Let them color in the house !
Cushion “Kine” 21,90?, 4 Walls

Deco colorful with this vase pink

Deco pastel in the home with this glass vase pink clear. A place on the console of the entrance is the coffee table in the living room and even in the bathroom.
Vase “Formlig”, 12,90? Ikea

Small chair pink color for deco pampering

A small chair top with its pink color powder. Bright and cozy, it gives a note of scandinavian design.
Small armchair “Bobly”, 313? Kave Home

A cushion deco colors 2016

Perfect for giving tone to the old sofa in the living room or make a deco trend is arty on the chairs in the entry.
Cushion cover,”Doftranka”, 4,99? Ikea

The masking tape color blue is a great decoration !

tapes making tape on the white walls of the room and the decor becomes a trend in 1 minute !
Masking tape striped colours light blue, extra large, 9,55? the roll. 4Murs.

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