Centre of the Christmas table to do with 3 times nothing

A beautiful table centre for Christmas c’is the icing on the cake of the decoration d’a table of holidays ! Made with branches, bits of fir tree, balls… no shortage of ideas to beautify the Christmas table. You have found 2 DIY Deco on Pinterest to make easily and for cheap a centre table with some accessories that you have for sure in the house at Christmas time.

Make it a centre of the Christmas table with flowers and candles

You want d’a beautiful decoration of Christmas table but not want to run to the four corner of the city to design the centre of the table. Here’s an idea to make it a simply opening the buffet to grab some great glasses at the foot, one or two large plates and pinning a few flowers of the bouquet which will decorate the living room. These three odds and ends you add candles and voila, even the least gifted in diy and decoration can be proud of their centre of table as original as decorative.

You see, nothing more simple than this idea of the center of the table ! On a round plate, large-format, black if you have it in the dresser, golden, red, white… L’objective being that the color of the’attitude to be distinguished from the color of the tablecloth. You place a flower large enough to style gerbera as in the’example, turn the glass over it, put a candle round, and lo and behold, c’is done ! For the choice of the colors of the flowers, l’interest of the big margarita is qu’on l’found in bright colours which correspond to stack-coat with the traditional Christmas colors.
If the decoration of your table is thinking in white and gold or white and silver, not to break the’harmony of color, a black rose placed under the glass, transformed into a bell for l’occasion, on a platter silver or tin will be super chic.

another version of the center table with a mirror to replace l’plate presentation. If you have this type of mirror at home, c’is great, otherwise you can get in a supermarket or diy for less than ? 10 lot of 6 mirrors round or square. L’interest in the mirror is to double the’effect deco flowers and allow the flame of the candle to s’to reflect.

Will, now that you have l’astuce deco, you can create a beautiful centerpiece for the holiday d’year !

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