Accessories fireplace for a fireplace design

Here came the time to meet at the corner of the fire, and d’appreciate the gentle warmth. Essential accessories, the door-logs and the servant are design history, combining the pleasures. Check out our selection of d’accessories to place near d’a traditional fireplace or d’a stove contemporary.

Door-logs and servant, essential accessories

For fireplace, ancient or contemporary, wood-burning stove or pellet or insert, our ” coups de coeur d’essential accessories for the fireplace to provide the heat source user-friendly and definitely in tune with the times a whole new dimension selected in Factoria Design that offers a wide range of accessories around the fire to reveal our inside.

The door-logs, l’accessory fireplace made design

Photo : Firestyle
A door-logs super stylish red leather with 2 handles and mounted on wheels in gum to make travel easier. Available in several leather colors and 2 sizes : Large model : L47,5 cm, H54 cm. 261,90? or Tonda Mini : L42 cm H50 cm : 249.90 ?. ref : Door-logs Tonga Leather Red Firestyle

Photo : Nineteen Design
Door logs simple and elegant stainless steel frosted. dim : H 1m X L40 cm X P40 cm. Also available in a grey finish sanded. Bunker wood ROD black DixNeuf Design. Price : 204.90?.

Photo : Zack
A door logs original and chic white leather and cavalino is handcrafted for storing wood and pellet, equipped with two handles in leather and mounted on wheels gum. Available in 2 sizes Model Cadin Diameter 52 cm, height 50 cm, width 61 cm Price : 297,90 ?
and the model Cadin Mini Diameter 52 cm, height 43 cm, width 45 cm. Price : 285,90 ?.

Photo Blomus
This door-logs stainless steel which is easy to fit with all styles of fireplaces with its design lines and sleek. in the modern interior or classic both with signs Bebop Composition : stainless steel Collection Relax Designer Andre Gilli Dimensions : Height 42 cm, width 28 cm, depth 33 cm Door-logs BEBOP Blomus price : 345,00?

fire starter in porcelain of Limoges

photo Fogö
A fire starter that takes the form of two Russian dolls in porcelain of Limoges, and allows d’light a fire without paper or kindling in the fireplace as in the wood-burning stove… The great Matrioshka, (H. 26 cm) contains a stone fire-volcanic, once lit, it burns for more than 20 minutes. Inflammation of all the logs and hundreds of times guaranteed, in complete safety. The little Matrioshka (H. 18 cm) set to hidden away lighters and / or matches near the fireplace. available colors : white/red basque, white/orange, white/platinum, white/grey.

The servant, l’combine essential of the fireplace

Photo : Nineteen Design
A servant who seems to be s’be chewed with its cut-outs elegant in its steel structure purple. 4 fireplace accessories are magnetized for ease of storage. Height 62 cm.Also available in black, frosted, gray, nacarat and chocolate. CROC violet tanzanite Steel DixNeuf Design : 209,90?.

Photo : Blomus
Servant design in stainless steel to associate with the door-logs from the same collection Bebop. Designer Andre Gilli equipped with 4 stainless steel accessories (pic, shovel, tongs, broom) Dimensions : Height 74 cm, width 27 cm, depth 23 cm. Servant Bebop Blomus : 545,00?
Photo : Sack

Servant Ghio stainless steel matt brushed equipped with 3 accessories : a broom, poker and shovel ashes. Dimensions : 80 x 24 cm. Servant Ghio Sack 355,25 ?

you will Find the whole collection d’accessories, chimneys Factoria design

Also available for fireplace and stove : firewall, chenet, and bellows.

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