40 paint colors

5 ambiances-color deco by Aurélie Hémar

To achieve this swatches of paint colors for 1825 ® Aurélie Hémar drew its inspiration from the powerful images reported in the bend of trips such as the one made in Brazil or its decoration projects such as that in the course of’a grand hotel in Africa. From d’a landscape, d’an object d’a table, she has created a book of original style that combines all of his favorites of the moment, a swatch that invites you to travel, to escape, and which reflects the original spirit of the brand,

How have you directed these 5 moods colors ?

” I wanted to, first of all, use hues that evoke me something with which I usually work. I love the colors that contrast, such as charcoal gray and black, which bring a lot of drama to the piece, I love the colors sometimes very dark, who have the character, you just need to know the dose. “

The colours in contrast to l’ambiance Sound of Africa

Photo : 1825
An atmosphere of color and decoration that combines design and modernity to revisit the african style. A subtle and warm atmosphere color that contrasts black blue with blue ash and beige putty. The dark colors give an effect that is both simple and chic decor, they allow you to sublimate an interior and bring out the volumes.

8 colors to combine between paint and decor for a natural ambience.

The colors of brown and fuchsia to l’ambiance Retro look

Photo : 1825
A atmosphere color paint and decoration that distracts from the style of the 50’s to take part of l’aspect warm leather color gold, harmoniously combined with a touch of pink to feminize l’together. To soften the colors more vivid and cool colours like black and turquoise, the shades of white are stunning.

L’ambiance yellow colour warm and bright

the yellow and black contrast for a deco salon that combines originality, simplicity.

An atmosphere of colors, which focuses on the strong contrast to bring character to an interior, and a very deco and non-sophisticated. Of the opposition of the yellow and black emerges a universe that’s as original as sober and this contrast of bright colors and hot and neutral structure nicely the room. The color yellow energizes the’space, l’sweeten do not hesitate to l’associating with a beige-grey, a deep blue or a matte black.

Grey blue and red revisit l’spirit of the japanese people for l’atmosphere Soft Print

A atmosphere color deco that shakes up the japanese spirit and the modernized touches of colour and materials design. In this atmosphere the color blue is available in several shades, the black plays the role of a sober colour, while the red and coral will liven up the set and bring a touch more s to blue and black.

Tip deco Aurélie Hémar : play on mixtures of colors. A wall of bluish-grey dress with the overall look of the room. Of the white keys (carpet, chairs…) will inform the volumes and a pinch of red to wake up, all for a result of zen, design and warm.

there is No doubt that the holiday d’Aurélie Hémar in Brazil is the source of this warm color tones both sweet and tart. In this living room, sea green and turquoise blue s’combine to highlight the volumes and brand l’espace d’a bold design. The shades of blue are refreshing l’ambiance, while the soft tones of beige putty warm up l’entire volume.

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