4 Products Deco Full D’tricks For Crafting Easy

In search of’a tip deco, which facilitates the small crafts of the house ? For the removal of adhesive labels, paint a piece of furniture or an object, finish off with a creaking door or renovate the tile joints, here are products clever to have in your tool box !


Products that simplify everyday life and adorn the house, we dream ! Here l’must-have items to have on hand at home : A pen joint tile to give a kick of cool with its tiled floors, a marker oil to remove the adhesive labels from the new crockery or greasing a squeaky gate, a paint marker to paint the garden furniture or d’inside in no time with the paint spray… Marker pen comes to the rescue with tips deco super easy to use, which contribute to a diy easy in the house.

Tip deco to take off the labels and re-lubricate the locks

C’is always a mess when’it is necessary to peel off the adhesive labels on the new crockery ! Also annoying, the lock stuck or the creaking door ! Here’s a pen, oiled, that will come to your rescue. A practical item and its oil is colorless and nearly odorless, very useful to bid farewell to the small galleys in the everyday home !

Tip deco to label objects with a marker (chalk

A good idea to decorate and mark your items of everyday life so ephemeral ! Customize your jars, tupperware, and other everyday objects with colors for an organisation at the top. The marker chalk marker pen 4095. 9 colours available : black, red, blue, green,light green, white, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink.

Tip deco paint furniture and accessories in the home

A spray smart to paint almost all surfaces c’is top ! Be creative and give colors to your garden furniture, a vase, old-fashioned, with a painting in acrylic spray. A paint bomb quick dry for a deco cool and colorful in the house.. The spray paint acrylic marker pen, 34 colors available, Aerosol 200 ml, acrylic Paint, high quality,

Tip decoration for the renovation of tile joints and repair of the wood


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