4 offices to do it yourself very easily

C’is decided, you are going to install an office in the home history of work, a bit, and especially to take pleasure in process and file your paperwork daily. The solution expeditiously, c’has d’go out and fill a caddy in your great surface favorite. And well, we offer you to make you this famous office ! In what style ? the style of desk easy to integrate in the living room or bedroom, the choice and even a desk to install under l’staircase…

Make a desktop black and white without having to tinker

Pa need d’be an ace in the diy to make this black desk and white !

A desk to pamper your workspace in your living room in black and white. To achieve this office, the only difficulty will be, without doubt, you fight your way into the radius joinery for your shop supplies ! L’trick to do at a small-price : rather than d’buy a board such as melamine white that you should do to cut out to your measurements and d’have to stick a band of singing on the edges cut, you opt instead for the’purchase of 2 tablets,( the 4 songs (edges) will be covered d’a strip of melamine.) Tablets that you place l’next to the’another on 2 sawhorses metallic black. To secure the two shelves, 3 small shelves, glued or screwed below will be the’case.
Side storage, you have to fill your platter of workbooks black, boxes for storage stacked in place under the desk, as if c’was a real small storage cabinet.

A double desk for the kids room

A bureau is smart for children who share the same room that offers a working area individual and that can be done without spending anything. To achieve it you need : D’a column storage 4 or 5 shelves and d’a table that is placed in a corner of the house. The table, you cut it in two in the middle of the board (be careful it will fall !). To integrate the table become two in the column of storage, it is sufficient to set l’end of the table cut to the’help of two cleats glued on the bottom of the column. For decoration and storage, a few small baskets in the colors of the room and the turn is played ! If you need to buy the column for storage, at Fly or Ikea : approximately?69.

An office loft to a two-time three movements

To work as a studious and pleasant run-you in the realization of this office. L’business is a game d’child realize : two poles of wood on which you have kindly put a plank of medium (very dense and easy to paint) or a board of plywood of 1.5 cm or 1.8 cm d’thick to prevent sagging over time and after having painted l’or’other planks in white satin finish. To complete the style, a wooden stool, if it is screwed it will be even more pleasant, a storage shelf metal desk lamp industrial style. As an option, but relevant to mark the’spirit loft for your office space : One or two spots in the same style, racks for sorting documents and boxes for storage made of metal.

Make a desk in the l’stairs

Exploit nooks and crannies in our houses, contemporary c’is surely the solution is to multiply the functionality. And if an area of the house lends itself ideally to this kind of’year c’is well below l’stairs ! Side mode d’employment for the realization of this office under l’staircase, you will be d’agreement to say that the photo you waiver of our speech… The little secret of l’tip : use the steps of the’staircase to attach the shelf and the storage shelf in the office. L’other end of the boards is fixed to the’using’a square.

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