12 Deco staircase which give ideas

The deco stair is a trend that works ! Exit the carpet is cheesy and the colors bland, by today’today to do a makeover of her staircase just d’strand’tip deco. The colorful wallpaper for the’originality of the painting to give a youthful look or even an alliance of black and white for a decorative staircase modern, there’s something for all styles. So no more letting her staircase to the’abandonment, Deco Cool you has found 12 decorating ideas d’stairs…because the deco is done on all levels !

decorating Ideas staircase that throws

That your stairs may be wood or concrete, your deco d’interior, modern or vintage, that you’re a follower of minimalism chic or l’originality, the trend deco staircase s’adapt to all tastes. And for good reason, the ideas of personalization abound : painting a staircase in the whole, only the stairs, to paste wall-paper, use stencils to graphic patterns, play with colors, so many possibilities that s’offer to do a makeover of your cage d’stairs. So here are some original ideas to replicate step-by-step to make your old stairs staircase decoration on top of the trend.

Deco staircase graphic black-and-white

For this staircase painted, what are the steps that make the design in a graphic style very much in vogue with these chevrons painted in black and white. A pattern easy to make yourself by placing pieces of scotch before going on to painting. Leaving a cross-walk to white between each motif, l’staircase deco breathe, relooke and presents a style that is sober and chic, stack in the current trend.

A deco staircase, trompe-l’oeil wallpaper

Painting a staircase can also be the’opportunity to create of the effects deco. C’is the case of this staircase, which plays on the contrast of the white base and the wide band painted in orange-red to give the’impression d’a vast carpet. And to provide further support for the’effect, a tape as a ramp going up along the stairs is painted on the wall in the same color. What to give a kind festival de cannes, red carpet to your staircase decor.

An idea deco staircase with cement tiles

For stairs raw concrete, nothing n’is more suitable than paste of cement tile. Modern d’style is somewhat old, it can give character to a deco d’staircase and may continue on the ground for the deco of the’entry or hallway. Small tip : in dépareillant the patterns of the tiles while remaining within the range of initial color, your cage d’stairs will be an asset to the forefront of fashion, deco !

A deco staircase d’inside with chalkboard paint

A staircase decor with a chalkboard paint, a good idea to customize its markets. Sober and trendy, this paint allows you to make l’stairs modern while customizing it by writing in chalk on the stairs painted. Practical and playful, this slate will delight hits those who love l’originality discrete.

A staircase deco chic painted with stickers

The stickers as s’invite in the decoration for the stairs ! Giving an additional originality to the stairs classic white and wood, these phrases calligraphy are really just stickers. Very easy to install, this decoration idea will enable you to customize easily each of your markets, your way.

Deco staircase wallpaper

Convenient and cheap, the wallpaper does s’applies not qu’on the walls ! The stairs are also good to use in the decor as shown in this staircase which features a wallpaper with various patterns. Just before the paste to thoroughly clean your counter-market, lightly sand and d’use a special glue that is suitable for the coating of your staircase. Nothing more simple, in sum, to have a deco cage d’staircase original and personal.

decor staircase modern with paint

This decoration staircase contemporary plays with simplicity by a single layer of black paint on the stairs and the ramp. A way to give a youthful look to a staircase and wise classic. Perfect for those who n’not like to do too much, repaint a wooden staircase c’is simple and it is upgrading !

fabric for decoration stairs, not banal

If the wallpaper is all the rage in the decoration for the stairs, the fabric also has his little success. The different fabrics of cotton stick together easily and allow d’to bring a style more soft, l’stairs. It is suitable for wood surfaces and will be ideal for dressing up the stairs. Fabric to decorate l’stairs, it had to have l’idea !

A deco staircase original to perfection

An interior design idea staircase s’inspiring d’a library, we can do more original ! The stairs of this wooden staircase, hand-painted resume of the slices of the various books and various. What give l’impression d’a giant library in your house. Then notice creative, nimble with a brush, this staircase decoration is for you !

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